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About Us

jNet Secure: Pioneering security solutions for resource-constrained devices, such as smart cards, USB FIDO2 tokens, blockchain, and crypto wallet innovations worldwide.

About jNet

jNet Secure: Innovating globally, from Government milestones to industry leadership.

jNet Secure started as a pioneering development organization, achieving a significant milestone in 2004 by licensing its first solution to a US Government contractor for the Department of Defense. This CAC card, which was certified by FIPS 140-2, stood out as the first 100% 'Made in USA' government ID card and was proudly licensed to a renowned company in Southern California.

Today, jNet has offices in the Bay Area (California), Lyon (France), and Kyiv (Ukraine), and boasts highly skilled technical teams that co-work seamlessly across these regions. Leveraging its multi-customer experience, jNet continuously enriches its product line, solidifying its position as a cutting-edge leader in the industry.

jNet Secure

Elevating security standards: jNet's evolution from IP licensing to product-centric excellence.

After gaining recognition by licensing its intellectual property to industry forerunners, jNet subsequently pivoted its strategy, transitioning from solely IP licensing to becoming a product-centric entity. Its current focus lies in delivering highly scalable security solutions, with expertise in Java Card, GlobalPlatform, advanced cryptographic algorithms, embedded security, communication protocols, and security countermeasures. jNet has expanded its portfolio to encompass FIDO2 tokens, certified crypto wallet for blockchain technology, biometric authentication, and sovereign identity-based solutions.

The company's evolution reflects its commitment to spearheading security innovations and solutions in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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