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Javelin™ OS XE Customized Java Card and GlobalPlatform Services

Javelin OS XE
Customized Java Card and
GlobalPlatform Services

At jNet, we specialize in providing personalized Java Card and GlobalPlatform services to our clients. Our technical expertise allows us to customize the operating system based on your specific requirements. We can integrate specific cryptographic algorithms and keep up with the latest GlobalPlatform standards to ensure that your smart card solutions are secure. Our team is experienced in incorporating GlobalPlatform Amendments to provide you with the latest advancements. 

We are creating a commercial Java Card OS image: From concept to production at our silicon partners.

We offer robust support throughout the manufacturing phase to ensure a seamless journey from development to production. Our services include guidance on setting up the manufacturing environment, fine-tuning the OS for production, and integrating with the necessary manufacturing tools. We can also help you create custom commands tailored to your smart card applications, unlocking new capabilities.

jNet Secure.jpg

Our services cover the integration of applets directly into the OS.

Whether you require pre-installed applets or the flexibility to manage them on the card, we cater to your needs. Our expertise in native acceleration techniques means that resource-heavy operations on the smart card are executed quickly, enhancing its performance. In summary, our comprehensive technical services ensure that the Java Card and GlobalPlatform OS is tailored to your unique requirements, incorporating advanced cryptography, up-to-date GlobalPlatform standards, manufacturing support, custom commands, integrated applets, and efficient native acceleration techniques.

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