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Javelin OS

Modular, configurable, certifiable JavaCard™/GlobalPlatform OS with Biometric Match-on-Card Integration.


Discover jNet's Javelin JavaCard OS – a secure, state-of-the-art platform designed to meet the evolving needs of the smart card and embedded security segments.

Javelin OS: Advanced Security and Versatility

Built on the robust foundation of JavaCard 3.0.5 and GlobalPlatform v2.3.1, Javelin OS sets a benchmark in security standards. This advanced operating system boasts top-tier security features, including secure data storage and sophisticated cryptographic support, conforming to global standards like EMVCo, FIPS 140-3 and EAL5+ Common Criteria.  The Javelin OS is uniquely capable of running multiple applications on a single card, rendering it perfect for diverse uses such as credit card payment processing, electronic ID, and physical/logical access control. With adherence to standard cryptographic protocols, Javelin OS guarantees secure and efficient transactions across various systems and geographical regions.


Javelin OS is exceptionally customizable, scalable from straightforward single-application cards to intricate multi-application formats, tailored to specific organizational needs. The integrated NFC support enhances its capabilities for quick, secure, and convenient contactless transactions, alongside other NFC-based functionalities. Featuring jNet's innovative OS extension technology, Javelin OS allows for bespoke cryptography and extensions, offering customized security solutions that align with industry certifications thereby upholding the highest standards of security and compliance.

Javelin OS: Advanced Security and Versatility

Javelin OS's versatility is unmatched, with compatibility across various secure elements, ensuring a wide range of deployment options. As a pivotal component of jNet's product ecosystem, Javelin OS seamlessly integrates with their hardware and software solutions to create a comprehensive, secure environment. This integration is particularly advantageous for payment systems and government ID applications.


Discover the secure, adaptable, and compliant potential of jNet's Javelin JavaCard Operating System – your ultimate choice for sophisticated and reliable digital solutions.

EMVCo Payment
Enhanced Security and User Experience in Payment Transactions
Javelin sets a new standard in secure payments, optimized for EMVCo hosting of Visa and Mastercard applets. With specialized tuning for EMV environments, Javelin ensures peak performance. Integrated with IDEX biometric sensors, particularly for fingerprint authentication, transactions become faster and more secure. This combination of EMVCo optimization and biometric features makes Javelin the top choice for secure, user-friendly Visa and Mastercard offerings, setting a new standard in digital payment solutions.
Government ID
Secure and Interoperable Electronic Identity Solutions

Javelin™ OS is the premier choice for Government ID applications, supporting FIPS-201 PIV and ICAO ePassport standards with advanced cryptography and biometric authentication. Its robust architecture ensures a secure foundation, meeting silicon manufacturers' security guidelines. Javelin™ supports various authentication methods, including biometrics, ideal for Gov-ID needs, and offers secure data processing for NIST's PIV applications on a single card. Flexible, secure, and compliant, Javelin™ excels in Government sector Gov-ID, ePassport, and PIV applications.

FIDO2 Advantages
Seamless Integration with Advanced FIDO2 Authentication
FIDO2 is a passwordless authentication standard that provides enhanced security and convenience. Javelin™ OS is a versatile platform that supports FIDO2 solutions with advanced cryptographic functions to ensure a high level of security against cyber threats. It is compatible with various form factors and communication protocols, making it suitable for a range of FIDO2 use cases. Javelin™ OS provides a reliable foundation for businesses and organizations that want to deploy secure, user-friendly authentication systems with seamless integration with FIDO2 standards.

Javelin at a Glance


The Javelin™ OS is composed of two prime bundles, JavaCard™ and GlobalPlatform which are often used in the field of smart card licensing inside secure elements:



The multi-application environment supports several applets on a single card, allowing diverse services like banking, identification, authentication, and transit fare collection to coexist.

It offers a secure environment for applications, protecting against threats like unauthorized access, fault injection, side-channel attacks, and data tampering.

​​​​It utilizes a subset of the Java programming language, making it familiar to many developers and offering portability across different card products.



GlobalPlatform defines standards for managing applications and/or keysets within secure elements, like installing, updating, and personalizing applications post-issuance.

Ensures interoperability between different card and application vendors, fostering a broad, compatible ecosystem and compliance with international standards.

Together, JavaCard and GlobalPlatform provide a robust framework for the development and management of applications on secure smart cards and similar devices.

Secure Framework

Form Factors
Javelin OS Applications anchor

Javelin OS Applications

Javelin OS Applications provide personal identification capabilities, allowing for the secure storage of national ID, driving license, and employee cards. It offers services like authentication, digital signing, and data encryption for enhanced security.


Enhanced Security with NFC Smartcard Biometric Integration

Upgrade your authentication with FIDO2 CTAP2.1 on an NFC smartcard, featuring integrated biometric fingerprint matching. This advanced solution combines secure storage, biometric matching, and FIDO2 capabilities for top-tier security and seamless authentication.


Secure Cryptocurrency Management on Smartcards

The jNet's cryptowallet applet on a smartcard is a secure solution for managing Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Supporting BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 standards, it allows for multiple addresses, easy backup with mnemonic words, and organized account management.


Secure and Convenient Authentication with NFC Smartcards

An NFC smartcard with FIDO2 CTAP2.1 and biometric sensor offers secure authentication. It stores keys, credentials, and performs local fingerprint matching, ensuring privacy and interoperability. This solution follows FIDO Alliance standards for secure communication and user-friendly authentication.


Secure Identity Verification with Government NIST-Approved PIV Cards

Government NIST-approved PIV cards ensure secure identity verification with cryptographic methods and biometrics. These cards securely store personal data, certificates, and keys for robust access control. With compliance and reliable security, this solution offers identity verification within government agencies.


Exploring the ePassport ICAO Application

The ePassport ICAO application enhances passport security with secure chips and biometric data, following ICAO standards. It includes cryptographic modules and access controls such as BAC and EAC for secure data. Digital signatures and MRZ compatibility ensure secure transmission and global passport interoperability.

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