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NFC Smart Card

The NFC smart card is equipped with an embedded microcontroller, NFC chip, and integrated biometric sensor. It complies with NFC standards, allowing communication with NFC-enabled devices. The smart card includes secure storage for cryptographic keys, user credentials, FIDO2 CTAP2.1 firmware, and firmware for biometric processing.

Fingerprint Enrollment

During enrollment, the user registers their fingerprint on the NFC smart card. The biometric sensor captures the fingerprint image and extracts unique features that are converted into a template. The template, along with other user credentials, is securely stored within the smart card's secure storage.

Secure Communication

FIDO2 CTAP2.1 ensures secure communication between the NFC smart card and the client device during the authentication process. NFC technology provides a short-range wireless communication channel, and cryptographic algorithms are employed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged between the smart card and the client device.

FIDO2 CTAP2.1 Protocol

FIDO2 CTAP2.1 is a communication protocol that enables secure interactions between the NFC smart card and the client device, typically through a FIDO2-compliant authenticator application. The protocol ensures the integrity and confidentiality of data during the authentication process, while providing a standardized interface for authentication.

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Fingerprint Matching

During authentication, the user presents their fingerprint on the biometric sensor. The sensor captures a new fingerprint image and extracts the features. The features are then compared against the enrolled fingerprint template stored on the smart card. The matching process, performed locally on the smart card, determines the similarity score between the captured fingerprint and the enrolled template.

Credential Management

The NFC smart card securely stores user credentials, including the enrolled fingerprint template and cryptographic keys, within its secure storage. The smart card's cryptographic modules ensure the protection of these credentials and prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

Biometric Sensor

The NFC smart card integrates a biometric sensor, typically capable of capturing and processing fingerprint data. The sensor is designed to capture high-resolution fingerprint images and perform fingerprint matching locally on the smart card, without the need for external servers or databases.


FIDO2 CTAP2.1 on the NFC smart card with biometric integration follows the FIDO Alliance's specifications, ensuring interoperability with FIDO2-compliant client applications, web browsers, and online services. This allows for a standardized and interoperable authentication experience across different platforms and services.

Privacy Protection

The NFC smart card with integrated biometric sensor prioritizes privacy protection by performing the fingerprint matching process locally on the smart card. This ensures that the biometric data remains within the user's control and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or misuse. The smart card only releases necessary data, such as authentication tokens, to authorized entities during the FIDO2 CTAP2.1 authentication process.

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Protocol Solution

When used on an NFC (Near Field Communication) smart card integrated with a biometric sensor for fingerprint matching, offers a highly secure and convenient authentication method.

In Summary

A FIDO2 CTAP2.1 solution on an NFC smart card integrated with a biometric sensor for fingerprint matching offers a highly secure and convenient authentication method. By combining the FIDO2 protocol, secure storage, cryptographic operations, and local biometric matching, this solution provides robust security, privacy protection, and interoperability for authentication across various platforms and services.

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